EPSO Microseismic noise - Last 7 days

Although EPSO is located 300km inland from the nearest ocean coastline, it is still subject to shaking from microseismic noise, which has its origins in ocean sea waves interacting with the ocean bottom nearby the NSW coastline.  The current relative amplitude of this noise may be gauged by viewing the 24-hour traces below, produced by the EPSO Volksmeter instrument.  This is a tilt-meter style instrument and is very sensitive to long-period ground motions in the frequency-band where microseismic noise is strongest, at around 0.1-0.5Hz.  The effect of increased noise on the seismograph traces below is to make the lines look somewhat thicker and darker, and this line-darkening typically comes and goes on the scale of days, associated with the passage of weather systems offshore of the NSW coast.

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Volksmeter E-W Axis
BOM Wave Height - SE Australia
MHL Crowdy Head  Ocean Wave Spectrum BOM Synoptic

  7 days

  6 days

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